KCIN Scholarship Application Process

1. The applicant (child of fatally or catastrophically injured worker) or other interested party
contacts Kids' Chance of Indiana (KCIN) or Kids' Chance of Indiana Board Member to inquire
about scholarship availability and application.

2. KCIN provides scholarship applicant with Scholarship Fact Sheet and Scholarship Application

3. The applicant and his/her parent/guardian/representative complete the application and
authorization forms and return the completed application with supporting documentation and
signed authorization form to KCIN.

4. The application is assigned to the KCIN Scholarship Committee. A member of the
Scholarship Committee is assigned to process the application.

5. A preliminary review of the application is performed to determine completeness of the
application with respect to essential information. If the application is not complete, the
additional information necessary is requested of the applicant.

6. The Scholarship Committee member issues a request to the Indiana Workers' Compensation
Board to verify the eligibility of applicant; i.e. that the applicant's parent has sustained a
compensable work-related death or catastrophic injury/illness while working for an Indiana
employer (although neither the student applicant or the injured/deceased worker need be legal
residents of Indiana).

7. Once eligibility of the applicant has been verified by the Indiana Workers' Compensation
Board, the Scholarship Committee member performs a thorough review of the application and
confirms the accuracy of the information provided.

8. The Scholarship Committee member then makes a recommendation to the full Scholarship
Committee as to the advisability of awarding a scholarship and the amount to be awarded,
taking into consideration the funds available to KCIN at the time.

9. The Scholarship Committee votes on whether an award is to be made and the amount of the
award. If the Scholarship Committee vote is unanimous, the scholarship is awarded. If the
Scholarship Committee vote is less than unanimous, the application is referred to the KCIN
Board of Directors for a vote. If a majority of the KCIN Board votes in favor of the scholarship,
the scholarship is awarded.

10. The Chair of the Scholarship Committee notifies the applicant of his/her award.

11. The KCIN Treasurer disburses the scholarship funds to the applicant’s school. The funds are
disbursed to the school one semester at a time.

12. Scholarships are awarded for a full school year, contingent upon documented satisfactory
academic performance by the recipient. The scholarship recipient must provide KCIN with
timely documentation of satisfactory academic performance (semester grade report) and
verification of class enrollment (class schedule/tuition bill) for the next semester before the
second semester grant may be disbursed.




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